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                                 "The Last Official Graduating Class from Lincoln High School"

Annie Charles Anderson, Barbara Budden Rchburg,Barbara Willis Colclough, Bruce Hicks, Burroughs James, Catherine Neal Tips,
Cynthia Mack Harvin, Delmus Nelson, Elijah Law, Re. Dr. Ernest Jackson, Frank Bethune, Henry Bethea, Ida Nelson Barboza,
James Levine, Jannitt Blocker Cox, Jimmie "Tee" Rogers, Jimmy Sanders, Joan Mitchell Carter, John Funchess, John Haynesworth,
Kenneth Rush, Leroy"Jimmie"Rembert, Lewis Richburg, Maggie Harvin Richardson, Margie Ballard Mack, Marvin Boykin,
Matthew "Steve" Muldrow, Minnie Cook Williams, Nathaniel McFadden, Pinkney Salisbury, Robert "Fatback" Wilson, Rosalie
Anderson Salishbury, Ruth Ann Nelson Butler, Saddie Green Lowery, Vernice Brunson Porcher, Viola Durant Carter,
Dr. Wilhelmenia Isaac Rembert, William "Bird" Blyther

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  • 1874 - The first public school for Blacks in Sumter, SC. Rev. L.E. Lowery was the principal and teacher assigned to the male students and Mrs. M.E. Scott was the assigned to the female students.
  • 1904 - A new two-story wooden structure was erected.
  • 1910-1937 The nucleus of the present facility was erected.
  • 1924-1925 Rosen Wald funds were used for the construction of the school facility and the shop in the back of the school.
  • 1947 The twelfth grade added to the school under the tenure of Mr. J.H. Kilgo.
  • 1950 Twenty additional classrooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a library and a band room was constructed. 
  • 1952 One of the few schools admitted to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for accreditation.
  • 1969 THE LAST GRADUATING class under the name Lincoln High School.
  • 1970 THE LAST CLASS in the building under the name Lincoln High School.
  • 1971-1979 The building was use to housed 10th grade students only under the name Sumter High School.
  • 1980-1983 The building was used to housed 9th & 10th grade students under the name Sumter High School.
  • 1985-1991 The building was sold to the Catholic Church out of Charleston, SC and used to housed St. Jude Central High School of Sumter,SC
  • 1995 The building was sold to Trinity United Methodist Church 
  • 2009 Was the resurrection year for the old building LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL which now found a new owner in the LOYAL LINCOLNITES from the pass which seek to purchase the building from the Trinity United Methodist Church. The newly formed Lincoln High School Preservation Alumni Association (LHSPAA). The Association signed a contract with the church to purchase the building making monthly payments toward ownership. WE NEED ALL FORMER MEMBERS THAT WALKED THE HALL OF THIS GREAT HISTORICAL BUILDING TO ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES AND HELP. THANK YOU 
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Minutes from the monthly meetings
 If you have any class memorabille to
 donate to the High School museum
 to help remember the past, Please
 contact: President James Green or
 Mr. Jim Felder from the contact bar

If have a year book and would like for it to be uploaded
on this website, PLEASE send it to:

C/O Carl Baker
P.O. Box 1150
Sumter, SC 29150
I will return it to you once I have scanned every page.
I would like to have one for every year possible.
 If you would like, bring it to the 2015 GALA!!!!!!!!
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